Bankruptcy (BK)

BK is OK. In fact, 45% of the customers CPS finances have been through a BK. No reestablished credit is required. A discharge is not required. We do Pre-Discharged BK’s, too. Chapter 7: File today, drive tomorrow! Chapter 13: Ok to apply one year after the BK filing date.

Low Credit Score

CPS is one of the few lenders that DOES NOT require a minimum FICO score. Have 480’s, 500’s you need financed? We’re good with ANY score.

ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number)

CPS will finance your customers who have a Matricula, Passort, and ITIN letter or card, at lease one year on the job and a minimum income of $2,000.


CPS finances your customers who have a business in their name for at least a year and can provide personal bank statements to prove their income. No tax return or 4506-T form required – just three months of bank statements.

First Time Buyer with bad credit

Have first time buyers with bad credit? CPS will finance those customers for you. And we’ll even take “ghost” credit buyers. We’ll finance up to $15,000 on a FTB!

Low Income

CPS has 3 programs that only need a $1,400 minimum income. Most lenders are looking for a $2,000 minimum. CPS helps you make deals on ALL your subprime customers, even those making just $1,400 a month..

Mix and Match

How about a 510 FICO score, BK customer with a repo in the BK and a currently delinquent mortgage? That’s a TD with most lenders, but it’s a full advance APPROVAL with CPS!

Don't let opportunity walk off your lot!

Bankruptcies, Low FICO's, ITIN's, Self-Employed, and more...


It’s your job to sell as many cars as you can. CPS can help you hit your numbers, make your bonus, and keep growing your sales and profit each and every month! And we make it EASY!

We have helped thousands of dealers like you bring subprime into their business model. We’ll work these deals with you and show you what you need to know to pull in more sales.

Give us a call and talk to our people. They’ll tell you more, answer your questions, and get you set up to move more metal and make more money TODAY! Call us at 1-800-304-6812.


CPS is a subprime auto finance company based in Irvine, CA. CPS was founded in 1991 and provides auto finance programs to franchised and non-franchised dealers in 46 states. CPS is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol “CPSS".

CPS supports dealer sales efforts with 7 finance programs. CPS provides dealers instant credit application decisions 24/7 via our automated decision engine and a dealer portal (ASAP) that allows dealers to update/change structure to optimize profit 24/7. CPS specializes in financing customers with a bankruptcy, low credit scores, and no credit First Time Buyers/ghosts. CPS remains a “common sense, application” lender – working closely with dealers to structure profitable loan terms.

CPS has financed over a million vehicles to subprime customers since 1991 – over $16.5 billion of auto loans. CPS is a full-service auto loan origination and collection business. CPS secures financing for its loan portfolio via the securitization market. CPS operates from five offices – Headquarters is in Las Vegas, NV, with operational offices in Irvine CA, Orlando FL, Chicago IL and Chesapeake VA.

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